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  The Black Swan
  Omni Hotel | Four Riverway | Houston, TX 77056 | (713) 871-8181

This place is definitely cool. It's in the basement of the Omni. Just to save you time wandering around trying to find it. Dance floor is fun, bar is large enough to serve everyone, and staff are friendly. Do not expect a swanky dance club, love it for what it is and you'll have a great time.

Bartenders are nice. There is a dance floor if you want to do that. The drinks are poured favorably for you, which is always nice. There is a wide selection of things beyond just "scotch or scotch?" and they even have a pretty nice beer selection for a place that does not exactly scream beers & bros 4lyfe.

It’s difficult to say what you’ll savor more – the cuisine or the atmosphere at our restaurant, café or pub. One thing is certain, you won’t be disappointed.