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  5175 Westheimer Rd | Ste 2295 Houston, TX 77056 | (281) 940-4636

A 1930’s speakeasy inspired restaurant, speakeasy and cocktail lounge, Prohibition puts a modern twist on vintage beverages food and shows with an art deco styled piano bar downstairs, and a Steampunk decorated DJ lounge, private party and exclusive member’s dining room upstairs.

The drinks are a bit pricey but that's to be expected for a swanky, downtown bar. There is also dancing inside the place, which is really cool. The music is more like jazz burlesque type of music. The place is nicely decorated and easy access from the free parking lot of the mall.

The entire bar is designed to mimic a Speakeasy from the prohibition era (duh) and the employees are all dressed in appropriate get up. The waitresses all wear provocative, flapper-era dresses.