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  1131 Uptown Park Blvd | Houston, TX 77056 | (713) 552-9271

Gather for the sunset from our patio lounge after work. Enjoy an aperitif before dinner with your favorite friends. Party after dinner and groove to the hottest sounds until early morning. Belvedere oozes with soft and heavy sounds. Bringing back the lounge experience that Houston has long been missing. Sit back in the deep-set couches and soak in the energy of a re-invigorated nightlife.

This place is more of a lounge than a club, it's a narrow hallway with a bar on one side, couches on the other and a space to walk in between. Outside there is another DJ and bar. That is also where you can go out and smoke. As far as clubs/bars in Houston go, this is one of the few that is still very nice but where you do not feel surrounded by douchebags and Affliction tees. The staff is friendly, service is quick and their bottle service isn't insanely expensive.