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  Big Woodrow's
  3111 Chimney Rock Rd | Houston, TX 77056 | (713) 784-2653

Big Woodrow's sports a very laid back atmosphere with a rustic feel of a large wooden porch and benches. The drink selection is average, but you can buy a glass from them that give yous $1 refills on Thursdays. On most days you can have a quiet conversation without being interrupted by a noisy crowd.

There are bars and then there is Big Woodrow's, a Houston institution for 16 year. Big Woodrow’s has created the perfect establishment for any patron: sports fans, music enthusiasts, happy hour goers, or just people who love a good time. Woodrow's is a Houston establishment with locations all over the Houston area. It's nothing fancy, but if you bring a group of friends a great time will be had by all.